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The Risks of Ambien Use and Drowsy Driving

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Erik Abrahamson
March 15, 2013
March 15, 2013 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

tired driverThe Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a mandate requiring the manufacturers of Ambien and Edluar to reduce its recommended dosage by half of the current quantity, particularly for women patients.

The change is being instituted due a growing fear that the current higher recommended dosage may result in a heightened state of drowsiness even after a person achieves a good night’s sleep.

The Food and Drug Administration has expressed concern that some patients may be impaired the morning after using the sleep aid. This condition may impair their ability to safely execute activities that require patients to be alert, such as driving. The administration further noted that some patients who have high levels of the prescription medicine in their system may be impaired even if they are fully conscious.

The mandate comes after public accidents have garnered the media’s attention, including the accident involving Congressman Patrick Kennedy and another involving Tiger Woods.

The Food and Drug Administration has examined over 700 reports regarding an association between the use sleep aids and impaired driving capability. Over 40 million prescriptions were issued for the medicine in 2011, possibly causing an influx in impaired drivers.

Driving on American roadways today can be difficult, given the heavy traffic and the distracted driving that today’s drivers confront. Coupling these factors with drowsy driving can result in being responsible for a tragic accident. Drowsy driving leads to serious accidents in the United States, resulting in a number of serious injuries and fatalities every year.

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