Five Common Types of Tampa Car Accidents

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. January 01, 2014

car accident typesBetween severe weather, irresponsible drivers and a host of other dangers, there’s no shortage of danger when it comes to driving around Tampa.

If you’re like most drivers, the main type of collision that you are probably concerned about is an accident involving another moving vehicle.

However, a recent article from the Wall Street Journal reports on findings from a study that shows classic 2-car accidents account for less than half of all incidents included in their research. The study included information from some 42,000 quotes for auto insurance from drivers who reported being involved in an incident within the last five years.

Hitting Another Car

22.7% of the incidents included in the study involved accidents in which they were operating a vehicle that was hit by another driver.

Being Hit by Another Car

22.5% of participants reported accidents involving hitting another vehicle while they were behind the wheel.

Single-Car Accident

7.9% of the incidents only involved a single vehicle, such as striking a guardrail or running off of the road.

Act of Nature

5.8 of the accidents involved acts of nature like severe weather and floods.

Hitting a Parked Vehicle or Tree

5.4% of the reported incidents involved drivers who lost control of their vehicle and struck a parked vehicle or tree.

Other common types of car accidents reported by the study participants include cars that were struck while parked, damaged caused by debris or potholes, hitting an animal and a handful of other less common types of incidents.

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