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Backover Accidents

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October 21, 2019

Every year thousands of people are injured in backover accidents. A backover accident can cause severe injuries. A backover accident occurs when a bicyclist or pedestrian is struck by a car that is going in reverse. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 284 people were killed in backover accidents in 2015. Thousands more were injured.

SUVs and large pickup trucks are more frequently involved in backover accidents because they have larger blind spots making it difficult for a driver to see anything that is close behind them. As of May 2018, all new vehicles are required to be equipped with backup cameras. However, many vehicles are still on the road without these cameras, and some drivers haven’t yet been conditioned to pay attention to the cameras.

Causes of Backover Accidents

Whether backing out of a parking space or exiting a driveway, drivers have very limited visibility. Pedestrians or bicyclists that are in a driver’s blind spot are in great danger. Some common causes of backover accidents include:

  • Driver failing to turn around and check behind them before reversing
  • Driver failing to watch the backup camera
  • Broken reverse lights on the vehicle resulting in a pedestrian or bicyclist not knowing that a vehicle is about to back up
  • Pedal confusion—when a driver hits the gas instead of the brake
  • Obstructed side view caused by landscaping and other obstacles

Children are frequently the victims of backover accidents because their smaller size makes them more difficult to see when a driver is backing up. Drivers should make sure the area around them is clear before driving in reverse.

Preventing Backover Accidents

 There are some important steps that people should take that can save lives:

  • Look behind the vehicle before getting in
  • Be sure to back up as slowly and carefully as possible
  • Teach children not to stand or play behind vehicles
  • Make sure children are in full view
  • Be aware of your vehicle’s blind spot
  • Ensure the landscaping around your driveway is adequately trimmed back so that your vision is not obstructed

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