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Four Leading Causes of Florida Boat Accidents

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Erik Abrahamson
December 25, 2013
December 25, 2013 | Boating Accidents
causes of florida boat accidents

Taking to the open water is one of the most popular recreational activities for Florida visitors and residents alike. Unfortunately, a moment of inattention can result in a Florida boat accident causing serious injuries, property damage and even death.

According to the National Association of Rescue Divers, a few common causes of boat accidents include improper loading, people falling overboard, capsizing and ignoring changing weather conditions. Learning a little about each of these causes can help us all learn to enjoy our waterways more safely and avoid being involved in a Florida boat accident.

Improper Loading

Overloading and improperly loading a boat can lead to unstable conditions that can easily result in a boating accident. A vessel’s load needs to properly distributed before leaving the dock and remain evenly distributed while on open water.

Man Overboard

The National Association of Rescue Divers reports that most accidents involving someone falling overboard occur when a boat is anchored or moored. These types of Florida boat accidents often occur when passengers sit in unsafe locations aboard a vessel, do not watch their footing or otherwise behave irresponsibly.


Capsizing is responsible for a significant proportion of the fatalities caused by Florida boat accidents. A boat can capsize due to improper loading, inclement weather and other dangerous conditions. In many cases, a capsized boat will remain afloat, and passengers are typically advised to stay with their vessel in the event of this type of accident until help can arrive.

Ignoring Changing Weather Conditions

Here in Florida, the weather can change quickly without much notice. Failing to stay informed of changing weather conditions has led to many boaters being involved in a Florida boat accident that could easily have been prevented. Be sure to have an accurate local forecast before leaving the dock and stay alert to changes in the forecast once you are on the water.

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