3 Common Causes of Chest Pain After a Car Accident

chest pain car accident

Chest Pain After a Car Accident

Experiencing chest pain after a car accident can be a sign of a serious injury. Remember, not all serious injuries result in severe pain. If your chest hurts or you feel lingering discomfort in the chest after an accident, it’s important to seek medical care for a proper diagnosis. Some of the most common causes of chest pain after a car accident include fractured ribs, bruised ribs, muscle strain and injuries to internal organs.

Fractured Ribs

Broken ribs are another common cause of experiencing chest pain after a car accident, often in the form of sharp, shooting discomfort. These types of injuries are often caused by the chest being restricted by a seat belt or hitting the steering wheel in an accident.

Bruised Ribs

The trauma involved in a car accident can also be responsible for bruising the sternum or ribs. This type of injury is often associated with dull, aching pains that may come and go with movement.

Muscle Strain

Another common cause of dull, aching chest pain after a car accident is strain to the muscles of the chest. While this type of injury may not be life threatening, it may be important to seek medical attention after your accident to confirm that a more serious injury has not taken place.

Injuries to Internal Organs

Experiencing pain in the chest after an accident can also be a sign of a potentially life threatening injury to an internal organ, particularly the heart. Chest pain can also be a sign of a heart attack. Additional signs that a serious internal injury may have taken place include fatigue, shortness of breath, headache and dizziness.

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