Hip Fracture Injuries

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. April 17, 2019
Hip Fracture Injuries

Breaking a hip bone can be a very painful and devastating injury. A hip fracture can even be life-threatening. A hip fracture almost always requires surgery or even replacement. Unfortunately, hip fractures are commonly the result of car accidents and slip and falls.

What is a Hip Fracture?

A hip fracture is a break in the upper part of the femur or thigh bone. Hip fractures result in pain in the hip or groin. Individuals with hip fractures usually can’t put weight on their leg and are unable to walk. Doctors can usually determine that someone has a hip fracture based on their symptoms and the positioning of their leg. X-rays and other scans are used to determine the exact location and severity of a hip fracture. A risk of a hip fracture increases as you get older and the bones become weaker.

Sometimes complications can result from a hip injury. They can reduce your independence and cause you to be immobile for an extended period of time. This can lead to conditions such as blood clots, infections, bedsores, and loss of muscle mass. Some people never fully recover from a hip fracture and develop painful arthritis as a result. 

Causes of Hip Fractures

Hip fractures are commonly the result of a severe impact. Car accidents are one of the most common causes of hip fractures in people of any age. Motorcycle and pedestrian accidents can also result in hip injuries. Falls are the most common cause of hip fractures especially among people aged 65 years and over. Falls due to slippery floors, torn carpeting, and other hazards in businesses and nursing homes can lead to serious hip fractures.

Treatment for Hip Fractures

Hip injuries almost always require some type of surgery. Sometimes the fracture will need to be fixed using surgical screws in order to stabilize the fracture and hold it in place. Some patients require a replacement of some or all of the parts of the hip. Total hip replacement is an extensive surgery and recovery can take months.

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