We don’t see major pile-ups too often in our area, but they’ve been known to occur near major metropolitan areas like Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg. And, when they do, they can cause serious injuries and damages very quickly.

What Constitutes a Multiple Car Pile-up?

Technically a multiple vehicle collision is a traffic accident involving more than two vehicles, but it can often involve many more, particularly on high-speed, high-capacity roadways.

Common Causes of Multiple Vehicle Pile-ups

So, how do these types of car accidents even take place on Florida roads? Some of the most common causes of major pile-ups include:

Low-visibility conditions such as rain and heavy fog
● Tight traffic involving cars following too close to stop safely
● Failure to slow down for road construction on high-speed roads

In nearly all cases, vehicle pile-ups occur as a chain reaction caused by a third vehicle that is unable to stop in time to avoid a recent accident in the roadway, often joined by additional vehicles that can’t stop either.

Common Effects Major Pile-ups

The injuries involved in multiple car collisions can be complicated by the fact that vehicles are often hit many times and from multiple directions. This can make complications like fires and delays in rescuing passengers more likely. Passengers trying to flee an accident toward safety may be injured by additional vehicles joining the pile-up.

Particularly severe pile-ups can cause significant damage to highway infrastructure as well. The heat of fires involving multiple cars can melt the asphalt and even weaken the steel of bridges and overpasses. There have been some cases involving pile-ups in tunnels which were particularly deadly due to the build-up of toxic smoke and the difficulty of reaching accident victims.

Examples of Major Florida Multiple Vehicle Pile Ups:

● 2012 Pile-up on I-75 in Sarasota Injuring 52 People
● 2008 70-Car Pile-up on Smokey Florida Highway Injuring 38 Passengers

Have You Been Seriously Injured in a Car Accident in Florida?

While major pile-ups can be terrifying, the truth of the matter is that serious injuries and costly damages can be caused by just about any type of car accident.

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