New Innovation Called Run-Flat Tires May Improve Road Safety

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. February 18, 2013

run flat tiresThe run-flat tire serves as a prime example of how emerging technological innovations are radically changing road safety. Safety features abound and one of those features is known as the run-flat tire.

This tire features a pneumatic wheel design that allows the tire to stay partially inflated, even if the tire has been significantly punctured. This allows the driver to continue on at reduced speeds for specific distances – sometimes as much as 100 miles – until the tire can be paired or replaced.

Here are a few variations of the run-flat tire:

Self-Sealing Tires

These tires have extra linings within their construction. In the event the tire is punctured the tire will repair itself through the use of a special sealant that is designed to slow the release of air leaking out of the tire. You can purchase tires with this protection, or you can also use specific sealants that offer the same type protection.

Auxiliary Run-Flat Tires

run flat tiresThese tires feature a ring that supports the structure of the tire. In the event of a blowout, this ring basically serves as a tire inside of the tire, allowing drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. However, the high price tag attached to these types of run-flat tires have led a limited number of drivers to take advantage of this helpful safety feature.

Self-Supporting Tires

This tire includes a safety ring inside the tire itself. This foam lining allows for support of the vehicles weight. In the event of a puncture, it will allow you to operate the vehicle until the tire can be repaired or replaced.

Because of safety concerns, run-flat tires are used by a great number of motorists. It is true that they cost more, but the safety features often outweigh the cost for many consumers. They are also more convenient as you are no longer required to pull off on the side of the road in some remote or dangerous area to change flat tire.

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