Radio Ads & Billboard

Why do we advertise?

After meeting with clients for over 30 years, a number of things are consistent:

  1. Many people have no idea of their rights;
  2. Many people have no idea of how insurance works, particularly car insurance;
  3. Many people are unclear on how they can hire an injury attorney;
  4. Many people believe that they cannot afford to hire an attorney;
  5. Many people believe their insurance company is looking out for their interests;
  6. Many people hire law firms without knowing about their law firm’s primary area of practice, experience, or case results.

Our experience has been that advertising is a way to inform injured victims: of their rights; what insurance options might be available; and the fact that they might be able to hire an attorney (with no money upfront and even if they don’t have a lot of money); that they should be cautious about the representations and advice given by insurance companies; our sole area of practice being personal injury, our experience, and our specific case results listed on our website.

Our firm has made a concerted effort to provide this information in various forms of advertising. Much of our advertising mentions our law firm website so that injured victims can learn more about our firm, our experience, our results, how insurance works, and how they can hire us without any fee unless we win their case.

Some injured victims have requested that they see some of our advertising. It is for this reason that we provide some examples of our informational advertising which is on the radio, billboards, yellow pages, online, etc.

Billboard Ads