Although visited by millions per year, amusement parks like Universal Studios may put people at risk for accidents and resulting injuries.

Accidents at amusement parks like Universal Studios may occur more commonly than you expect. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), there were an estimated 1,171 ride-related injuries in the United States in 2017, which does not include accidents elsewhere in the parks or related facilities.

Whether injuries suffered are minor or severe, it’s essential to be aware of the common reasons that accidents and injuries may occur at theme parks.

Additionally, knowing what to do in the event a Universal Studios ride accident or Tampa amusement park accident occurs is essential to establishing your compensation claim. 

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What to Do After an Accident at a Theme Park in Orlando

If you’re wondering what to do after an accident at a theme park in Orlando, such as Universal Studios Florida, it’s important to be prepared and informed. Here’s what to do after an accident at an Orlando theme park. First, prioritize seeking medical assistance to reduce the risk of further complications from your injuries. The majority of theme parks, including well-known ones like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, are equipped with emergency medical services and facilities to handle minor injuries like scrapes or cuts. Additionally, it is crucial to immediately report any injuries to the ride operator following an accident, ensuring prompt attention and accurate incident documentation. Documenting your injuries at the scene of the accident is also an important step. This can be accomplished by taking photos and recording videos from multiple angles, ensuring a comprehensive visual account of the incident.

Steps To Take After a Universal Studios Amusement Park Accident

There are essential steps to take after you suffer a Florida Universal Studios accident or amusement park accident in Tampa. The most important goal after suffering an injury is compiling and retaining evidence. Here’s how:

Dial 911 

If injured, call 911 to bring the proper authorities to the scene of your accident at Universal. It’s crucial to ensure you are not severely injured or in need of medical assistance. 

Seek Medical Assistance 

If your Universal Studios Orlando Florida accident causes substantial injuries, seek medical assistance. It may be wise to seek medical help even if you feel fine. In many personal injury cases, you may discover injuries or experience pain at any time after the accident occurs.

Additionally, obtaining an assessment of your physical injuries after an Orlando Universal accident provides documentation of any damages for which you may seek compensation. 

Create an Account of the Accident 

Do not allow too much time to pass before creating a chronological timeline and a detailed list of the circumstances of your Universal Studios theme park accident. Since memory fades over time, making a record of detailed information can keep details fresh in your mind and provide evidence later on.

Gather Evidence and Witness Accounts 

If possible, take photographs of the scene of your accident at Universal as well as pictures of your injuries. This type of evidence serves as visual proof of any compromised safety issues existing at the park.

Additionally, ask parties who witnessed the accident at Universal Studios Florida for their contact information. When preparing your lawsuit against Universal Studios for your injuries, key witnesses can strengthen your case regarding any safety issues existing at the park. 

Maintain Records 

Hold on to all copies of medical bills and statements. Additionally, keep records of any missed wages resulting from accidents at Universal Studios. Medical reports, including those providing details of long-term medical care, can also be vital. 

Types of Injuries for Which You Can Seek Compensation

The most common types of injuries suffered at theme parks like Universal Studios may include the following:

Injuries suffered due to a Florida Universal Studio accident should be reported immediately to park personnel, and you should immediately seek medical attention. 

Types of Claims You May Have for Universal Studios Accident

There are several grounds on which you might consider bringing a claim for a Universal Studios accident. 


Ordinary negligence leading to injuries as a result of an accident in Universal Studios Florida may be based on:

  • Operator behavior, 
  • The nature of the ride, 
  • Missing safety equipment required for a safe ride, 
  • Mechanical failure, 
  • Negligent supervision, 
  • Design defects, or 
  • Poor maintenance. 

Although Universal Studios undertakes routine safety inspections and training for all employees, accidents at Universal Orlando may still occur. Injuries at amusement parks like Universal Studios can be especially devastating due to the high-speed nature of many rides at the park. 

Products Liability 

In addition to negligence, injuries suffered due to a Universal accident may fall under product liability. 

Product liability lawsuits do not rest on the same theory of duty of care as negligence. Instead, product liability lawsuits rest on the concept of strict liability.

Strict liability does not depend on negligence or intent to harm to establish a claim. Product liability claims depend on injuries caused by the following:

  • Dangerous design unreasonable in nature,
  • Defects in manufacturing, or
  • Failure to adequately warn of the hazardous nature of a product. 

Product liability lawsuits are particularly complicated. They may include not only Universal Studios but other parties involved with the park. 

Premises Liability 

Premises liability is a legal theory related to a park owner’s responsibility to maintain and keep the property safe. Park owners and operators must proactively identify dangers and remedy them to avoid injury to park guests.

If you tripped on a damaged stair, slipped on a wet floor, or cut yourself on a jagged edge at Universal Orlando, you might have a premises liability claim. 

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

If you suffered an Orlando Studio accident resulting in injuries, you may claim compensation against Universal Studios. An experienced Florida Universal Studios personal injury attorney assesses your claim’s facts to determine if your injuries resulted from the negligence or liability of Universal Studios. 

Benefits of Hiring A Theme Park Attorney

You can expect significant pushback after filing a lawsuit for injuries resulting from an accident at Universal Studios Florida.

Theme parks such as Universal Studios employ a team of defense attorneys to avoid liability for your injuries. Additionally, defense attorneys may paint a picture of comparative negligence on your part to lessen your compensatory award. 

An experienced personal injury attorney understands the complexities of different causes of action and carefully compiles evidence to strengthen your claim.

Additionally, attorneys for Universal Studios accidents understand the statute of limitations and other deadlines, and can ensure your case is not dismissed on a technicality. 

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Will Universal Studios Pay for My Injuries?

If Universal Studios is liable for causing your injuries, they are responsible for the damages you suffered. However, building a solid case establishing Universal Studios’ liability for your injuries is the most important step toward recovery.

A personal injury attorney diligently aids in collecting evidence and reviewing pertinent facts of your Florida Universal Studios accident to represent you on your road to recovery.

What Types of Claims Follow an Accident at Universal Studios Florida?

Common claims that can be filed, depending on the injuries, include wrongful death, negligence, products liability, and premises liability. Consult with a personal injury attorney to properly assess your case’s facts and determine the best cause of action to pursue. 

How Long Will It Take to Get Compensation for My Accident at Universal?

The length of time it takes to collect compensation following an accident depends on your individual circumstances. Your case will take less time if we are able to quickly reach a reasonable settlement with Universal Studios Orlando.

However, if there are important disputed facts that require further discovery or even a trial, it may take longer. Your theme park attorney can more accurately estimate the time your case will take after meeting with you to review the facts.