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7 Documents Your Attorney Will Need After Your Car Accident

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Erik Abrahamson
October 11, 2019
October 11, 2019 | Car Accidents, Accidents

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may have decided that hiring a personal injury attorney can help you through the process. In order for your attorney to effectively represent you, it is important that you provide them with all necessary information. Your attorney will need some documentation from you in order to put together the best case for pursuing compensation. Some documents your attorney may require, include:

Police Report

In a car accident case, the police will file an official accident report. This report will contain some valuable information about who was involved in the accident and what happened.

Auto Insurance Policy

An attorney will want to see a copy of your auto insurance policy, specifically the declarations page so that the amount and type of coverage you have available can be determined.


Taking photos of an accident scene can be important to show the extent of any injuries or property damage and may help in establishing who was at fault for the accident. Make sure you submit any photographs that were taken by you or other people, to your attorney.

Contact Information

If you have obtained the contact information of any witnesses or other individuals involved in the accident, you should provide that information to your attorney as soon as possible.

Medical Records

Your attorney will want to see copies of your medical records to see the extent of your injuries and what type of treatment you have received. Detailed medical records are crucial to establishing an effective case for compensation.

Medical Bills

Copies of medical bills are also very important when pursuing compensation for your injuries. These bills itemize the losses you’ve sustained as a result of the accident. Keep all prescription receipts, hospital bills, and bills from other medical providers so that you can provide these to your attorney.

Wage Records

If you’ve missed time from work as a result of the injuries you sustained in a car accident, then you may be entitled to compensation for any lost wages. Pay stubs and other wage records will be needed to establish the amount you have lost.

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