Common Causes of Suffering a Headache after a Car Accident

headache after accident

If you suffered a headache after a car accident, or continue to get them long after the accident is over, your situation may be more serious than you think.

Rather than just a nagging annoyance that goes away with time, headaches from a crash can indicate that serious damage was done to your brain.

Two of the most common causes of these headaches are injuries to the head and injuries to the neck.

Closed and open head injuries

There are two types of head injuries a person can suffer in a car crash, and both can cause chronic headaches.

The first type of injury is called a closed head injury. This is where the head was struck by or against an object during the crash, but nothing penetrated the skull. For instance, if you knock your head against the steering wheel, or debris from the crash, it can lead to a closed head injury.

An open head injury is where an object does penetrate the skull during the crash. The object can be as small as a nail, and many times it is larger.


Many people are not aware of this, but whiplash can also cause headaches after a crash. This is because the muscles, tendons, and nerves around the neck can get inflamed and irritated as a response to the initial injury.

The pain may start in the victim’s neck and migrate up to the head, and the resulting headache may be more severe than the neck pain in some cases.

Make no mistake: experiencing a headache after a car accident can be a sign of a serious injury. Seek medical attention for a proper diagnosis and follow up care if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident.

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