Knowing how to file a police accident report in St. Petersburg is a critical step in the aftermath of a car accident, ensuring that crucial information is documented, and the legal process is initiated properly. We also have info on how to get a St Petersburg police crash report. At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Car Accident & Injury Lawyers, our dedicated team of St. Petersburg car accident lawyers possesses the experience and commitment necessary to assist accident victims in this essential process. We understand the importance of filing a police report promptly and proficiently. Our team protects the rights of accident victims to assist them in protecting their compensation and providing the support and guidance needed during this challenging time.

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence In Pinellas County, with a substantial number of incidents recorded every year. The city of St. Petersburg, which occupies a significant portion of Pinellas County, is no exception and witnesses a significant number of car accidents every year. In 2022 alone, there were a staggering 15,646 crashes reported in Pinellas County. Florida law requires individuals involved in accidents to take specific actions in certain situations. It is imperative to call the police after an accident in the state when: 

  • There are injuries
  • Substantial property damage
  • Suspicion of illegal activities
  • Hit-and-run incidents
  • Conflicts with other parties involved 

Leaving the scene of an accident with injury or significant property damage is against the law. Florida Statutes § 316.066 mandates that drivers have up to 10 days to file a written crash report to law enforcement. You can contact the St. Petersburg Police Department to file a police accident report through several different methods. Knowing how to file a police report in St. Petersburg is crucial to ensuring compliance with these legal requirements and facilitating the resolution of accident-related issues, including obtaining compensation. Contact us 24/7 for a 100% free consultation. Scroll down to see how to file a report with the St Petersburg Police Department after an accident.

Here’s how to file a police accident report near you in St Petersburg, Florida:

How to File a Police Accident Report in St Pete Online

To file a police report online in St. Petersburg, FL, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by visiting the St. Petersburg Police Department Website to file a report.
  2. Look for the “I Want To” tab located in the bar across the top half of the page. Click on it, and a white drop-down box will appear.
  3. In the white box, under the “Submit” section on the far-left top corner, you should find an option labeled “Submit a request for a crash report.” Click on this option.
  4. You will be directed to the St. Petersburg Police Department crash report page. Scroll down slightly until you see the “Self Report a Crash” section.
  5. Under the “Self Report A Crash” section, click on the red box labeled “Self-report a traffic crash.” This will take you to the FLHSMV crash portal (FLHSMV is the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles).
  6. On the FLHSMV crash portal page, scroll down to the “Report a Crash” section. Here, you will find an area labeled “Self Report Online.” In this section, there will be a link labeled “Click here to download the Driver Report of a Traffic Crash” in red text. Click on this link.
  7. After clicking the link, follow the directions provided directly underneath it. These instructions will guide you through completing all applicable fields within the linked form, including your signature and the date. You can find additional instructions on page 2 of the form.
  8. Once you have completed the “Driver Self Report of Traffic Crash” form, you can email a copy to [email protected].

Following these steps will help you file a police report online in St. Petersburg, ensuring that the necessary documentation is submitted in a timely and efficient manner. If individuals encounter any questions or difficulties while attempting to file a police report online in St. Petersburg through the St. Petersburg Police Department, reaching out to a St. Petersburg car accident lawyer near you at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk is a valuable resource to ensure that the process is completed correctly and efficiently. Our experienced team is here to provide guidance and assistance during this critical phase.

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How to File a Police Accident Report in St Pete by Mail

To file a police report in St. Petersburg by mail, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Begin by visiting the FLHSMV Crash Portal Page, just as you would for the online process, to initiate the reporting procedure.
  2. Navigate to the section titled “Self Report Online,” which can be found on the portal page.
  3. Within this section, you will notice a subsection labeled “Self Report By Mail.”
  4. In red text, you’ll find a link that reads “Click here to download the Driver Report of a Traffic Crash.” Click on this link to download the necessary traffic crash report paperwork.
  5. Thoroughly complete all the applicable areas within the form, and remember to sign the report, as customer signatures are required.
  6. Once the report is fully filled out and signed, you can send a copy of it to the following address:

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Crash Records
2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 28
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Don’t forget to keep a copy of the submitted report for your records and insurance purposes. Following these steps will help you efficiently file a police report in St. Petersburg by mail, ensuring that your accident is properly documented and reported to the relevant authorities.

Filing an accident report by mail in St. Petersburg closely mirrors the process for filing one online. Much like the online procedure, individuals can initiate the reporting process through the FLHSMV Crash Portal Page, download the necessary traffic crash report paperwork, complete the required information, sign the accident report, and send it to the designated address. This method offers a convenient alternative for those who prefer traditional mail submissions.

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How to File a Police Accident Report in St Pete in Person

Filing a St. Petersburg Police Department incident report in person is the most common and direct method, primarily due to the nature of many accidents, which often involve injuries, significant damage, or other critical factors that require immediate attention. When a person wishes to file a police report in person in St. Petersburg, they have two primary options, depending on the urgency of the situation.

If this is an emergency situation, you should immediately call 9-1-1 to report the accident. This ensures that first responders, including law enforcement, can swiftly arrive at the scene to address the situation and provide assistance to those with injuries.

For non-emergency situations, individuals can contact the non-emergency line at, (727) 893-7780 to speak with dispatch. During this call, they will ask if you can:

  • Provide details about the car crash
  • Explain the events leading up to the incident
  • Provide any other relevant information 

After assessing the situation, dispatch will typically dispatch an officer to the scene to investigate and file the necessary incident report. This approach allows for a more thorough and accurate account of the events, ensuring that proper documentation is carried out while also maintaining the safety of all parties involved.

When A Police Officer Is Present At The Accident Scene

When a police officer is present at the scene of an accident in St. Petersburg, specific circumstances dictate the type of report required for proper documentation. The previously mentioned options are available for filing an accident report in St. Petersburg, and the choice between them is typically determined on-site by the attending officer.

In cases where the accident results in serious injury, loss of life, necessitates towing services due to substantial damages, or involves commercial vehicles, the investigating officer will follow the guidelines set by § 316.066(1)(a) Fla.Stat. Within 10 days of completing their investigation, they will submit a comprehensive Long-Form Crash Report. This detailed report ensures that all pertinent information is recorded accurately.

Conversely, if the accident involves no injuries or fatalities and property damages do not exceed $500 on a public roadway, the investigating officer will follow the protocol established by § 316.066(1)(c). In such instances, they will submit a more concise Short-Form Crash Report and an Exchange-of-Information form may be provided to the involved drivers and passengers, facilitating the exchange of necessary details.

Moreover, individuals who are involved in an accident that requires a short-form report can also choose to self-report the St Pete accident within 10 days. This can be done in person, by mail, or online, providing flexibility for those involved in less severe accidents while ensuring that the proper reporting standards are met.

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When No Police Officer Was Present At The Accident Scene

When a police officer is not present at the scene of an accident in St. Petersburg, specific procedures are required to ensure that minor accidents are still properly documented. According to the St. Petersburg Police Department website, drivers involved in minor accidents have the option to self-report within a 10-day window directly to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. A self-reporting option is applicable when the accident: 

  • Takes place on a public roadway or privately owned property
  • Damages are estimated to be less than $500
  • No injuries are sustained

In such cases, it is not necessary to involve law enforcement officials, making it the responsibility of those involved in the accident to exchange information at the scene.

This information exchange should encompass: 

  • Names of drivers and passengers
  • Contact details
  • Driver’s license information
  • Insurance details
  • Contact information of any witnesses 

The self-reporting process can be completed within the 10-day timeframe either online, in person, or by mail.

It’s important to note that self-reporting is not a viable option if the accident involves commercial vehicles, regardless of the extent of damage. In these instances, the responsibility for filing a report falls on the driver or owner of the commercial vehicles, and a comprehensive long-form report is required to be filed by the police. If you were in an accident with a truck, our St Petersburg truck accident lawyers can help.

Additionally, if the accident involves a bus, whether it be operated, leased, or owned by a third party, the responsibility for reporting falls upon those entities. It’s crucial to be aware that failure to file a report in St. Petersburg in situations involving injuries, significant damages, or leaving the scene can lead to criminal charges and substantial fines, underscoring the importance of following the appropriate reporting protocols.

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What Happens if You Don’t File a Police Report After an Accident?

We’ve written a separate piece about what happens if you don’t file a police report after an accident in St Petersburg, Florida.

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