How to Get Your St. Petersburg Police Accident Report

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. September 27, 2019

Find out how to get a copy of your St. Petersburg Police accident report.

Being in a car accident takes a toll on your health and state of mind. In the moments following a crash, you may be anxious, shocked, and confused.

When a car accident occurs, you need to make sure that you get a copy of your St. Petersburg car accident report. This report will include all evidence from the scene of the crash, and determine fault and damages.

To get a copy of your report, follow these simple steps.

St Petersburg Accident Police Reports

How Can I Get My St. Petersburg Accident Report?

You must request your accident report directly from the St. Petersburg Police Department.

While there are a few different ways to request your report, the police department advises doing so via their online accident report retrieval. To do so, simply go to St. Petersburg Police Department’s website and enter the last name of driver involved, agency report number, and the date of the crash.

If you don’t have this information, we suggest that you try contacting the St. Petersburg Police Department directly:

1301 First Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL. 33705

If you’ve recently suffered injuries because of a car accident in St. Petersburg Florida, it’s in your best interest to have your case reviewed by a legal professional. You may be entitled to damages, and a St. Pete car accident lawyer can help you understand your best course of action.

Who Can Access St. Petersburg Police Reports?

Per Florida State Statute 316.066 (5) (a), crash reports are exempt from the public for 60 days after the crash.

During this period, crash reports are only available to people defined in 316.066 (5) (b), which include:

  • Parties of the crash;
  • The parties’ legal representatives;
  • The parties’ insurance agents;
  • The State Attorney’s Office, radio and television stations; and
  • Newspapers or any state or federal agency authorized to have access.

St. Petersburg car accident reports are confidential for 60 days after the accident. If you request your report before these 60 days, you must fill out an affidavit explaining why you need it. Keep in mind that copies of the report may not be free.

Why is a St. Petersburg Police Accident Report Important?

Car accident reports provide important information to the parties involved in the accident, as well as insurance companies and legal representatives.

After a crash, police arrive at the scene and document all evidence to compile a report.

These reports include information such as:

  • The date, time and place of the crash;
  • The weather and road conditions at the time of the crash;
  • Damages to the vehicles involved and any property; and
  • Pictures of the accident scene, damage to vehicles, and injuries.

Get a copy of your police report as soon as possible.

Injured in a car accident? Contact an experienced lawyer to protect your rights

It is crucial to get a copy of your St. Petersburg police report following a car crash. If you have any questions about this process, contact Abrahamson & Uiterwyk today for more information.