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Kids in Danger Report Outlines Dangerous Products for Children

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September 6, 2013
September 6, 2013 | Child Injury

childrens productsIn recent years, the number of children’s product recalls have been high in spite of an increase in federal regulations concerning product safety.

Furthermore, it seems some types of children’s products always end up near the top of the list, which categorizes the most dangerous products each year.

Kids in Danger recently released its list for 2012 regarding the most dangerous products for children. These products could include any product that comes into contact with children such as clothing, accessories or toys.

What type of products are the most dangerous?

The products that show up the most are typically those that are made to be used in nurseries. These types of products make up 31 percent of the products on the list. This is especially troubling since these products are made for the most vulnerable of children such as infants and toddlers.

Dangerous Products for children:

Products highlighted as dangerous included sleep recliners, which were recalled last year after several reported fatalities. It seems many of the tragic incidents were caused by the child becoming suffocated as a result of a design defect in the recliner.

Other dangerous products listed:

Other products that appeared on the list were strollers, which can cause injuries when children get their fingers caught in the stroller’s mechanism. Other incidents involving strollers included entrapment hazards occurring when a child gets trapped in between the stroller’s tray and seat.

Most dangerous products:

Some of the most dangerous products listed were those that involve children’s sleep such as cribs. Cribs that have a drop down side have many recalls from entrapment and strangulation incidents and are now banned thanks to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Other interesting notes in the report’s findings:

Children’s product recalls are down 20 percent since 2011. However, incidents are up by 49 percent. Sadly, deaths caused by faulty products are up 200 percent, and injuries are up 42 percent.

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