driving in rainAlthough it is often tornadoes, hurricanes or floods that are thought of when considering weather-related deaths, according to a recent study performed by Plymouth State University in New Hampshire, the biggest weather killer in the United States is weather-related car accidents.

How many people are killed each year in weather-related car accidents?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 7,000 Americans lose their lives each year as a result of weather-related car accidents. Weather conditions that typically cause car accidents include slick pavement, fog, snow, sleet and rain.

What type of weather conditions are the most dangerous for drivers?

The major news channels will often cover a multi-car pile-up, which results in eight deaths. For example, a study conducted by USA Today found there were already at least 19 multi-car pile- ups recorded in 2013 causing eight deaths and dozens of injuries, and most likely the majority of these pile-ups were covered in some form by the media.

However, most deaths occur because of rain-slicked roads and often involves no more than two cars. These types of accidents gain little to no media addition yet they account for thousands of the deaths each year occurring on the roadways.

How to combat weather-related car accidents

Awareness is of utmost importance when attempting to prevent weather-related car accidents. In most cases, car accidents that were caused by the weather are not counted among weather-related deaths. For people to become aware of the dangers that surround driving in inclement weather, they must be informed of the facts.

How to inform drivers

In addition to informing drivers of the dangers that exist when driving during bad weather, drivers could also be informed about potentially dangerous road conditions as they occur such as wildfire smoke, fog or whiteouts via a warning system.

One such proposed system to get crucial information out to the public about road conditions is called Vehicle Date Translator, which is currently under development at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. This tool would provide drivers with up-to-the-minute information regarding potential hazards including hail, fog and black ice.

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