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Consumer Reports Suggest Add-On Safety Features to Improve Safety of Older Vehicles

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November 13, 2013
November 13, 2013 | Car Accidents

safety features for older vehiclesStudies show that the risk of being involved in a fatal accident correlates directly to the age of the car. However, Consumer Reports indicates that older cars can be made safer with the addition of certain safety devices.

Statistical Information

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a driver of a vehicle where the vehicle is 18 years old or older is 71 percent more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident versus a driver of a vehicle where the vehicle is less than four years old.

These deaths can decrease if the driver is wearing his or her seat belt. Individuals who are in older cars and who are not wearing seat belts have a 78 percent higher chance of dying in the accident and a 72-percent chance in newer vehicles.

Mobileye Device

Consumer Reports says that this device can help reduce the number of traffic-related accidents. Mobileye helps alert the driver of obstructions in front of the vehicle, such as other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, or road markings via a camera that is mounted by the rearview mirror. It comes with a built-in speaker to provide audible warnings.

Visual and audible warnings may sound if a driver goes over a line without providing a signal or if the driver is too close to the vehicle in front of it. This device alerts a driver if they are about to hit a pedestrian when the driver is going 31 mph or less. The program also alerts drivers if they are traveling over the speed limit.

Goshers Blind Spot Detection System

This system has one function: it alerts drivers if a vehicle is getting close to the vehicle’s blind spot. It has this capability because of the sensors that are mounted on the vehicle’s rear bumper. Drivers can adjust the sensitivity of the system to avoid false alarms regarding guardrails or other objects.

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