Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Florida with These 7 Safety Tips

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. May 30, 2013

motorcycle safety tipsWith more motorcycle riders on Florida roads, conscientious Florida drivers can take steps to avoid motorcycle accidents. There are seven basic steps that they can take to avoid these often tragic accidents.

Take an Introductory Riding Course

Riding a motorcycle is different than driving a passenger vehicle. An introductory training course can teach the basics to a novice and provide additional skills for an experienced rider.

Use Independent Study

Most motorcycle riders learn how to ride by practicing on their own or with help from a friend. However, a wealth of information is available through books and movies. New riders can learn about the basics of motorcycle riding through these resources. Another option is to subscribe to a periodic magazine that shows how to ride motorcycles safely.

Practice Makes Perfect for Avoiding Florida Motorcycle Accidents

To become a good motorcycle rider, it is necessary to practice. When first beginning to ride, a person should practice in a safe area that is not subject to high traffic. Riders can focus on aspects such as clutch control, making maneuvers in limited spaces, braking correctly and turning the bike as needed.

Using some safety cones or bright boundaries can help a new rider learn basic skills. Riders should start off slow with small goals and then slowly move toward more complicated tasks.

Take Another Course

Skill improvement courses can help drivers continue to acquire more experience. These courses help teach riders how to ride in a safe manner and avoid aggressive drive.

Ride Various Bikes

A rider may get used to a particular bike, but this will not help the rider learn how to adjust to many different types of motorcycles on the market. Different bike designs require an altered form of riding. Taking this step can also help broaden riders’ skills.

Use Off-Road

Using an off-road track can help riders adjust to their environment and be more in tune with their surroundings. Using an off-road bike is best for this step.

Go to Track School

Track schools provide riders with advanced training. Riders don’t need a sport bike to participate in most of these schools. These schools help improve riders’ skills for street riding and take place in traffic-free areas.

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