self-driving car

Ask anyone who has experience as an automotive tech about the future of self-driving car technology, and they’re likely to tell you that it’s not a question of if automated cars will start appearing on the road. It’s when.

Instead, the real question that many personal injury lawyers have is about self-driving car liability.

Who can be held liable when a self-driving car crashes?

While determining liability can be difficult in the aftermath of any accident, the very nature of self-driving cars raises a whole host of additional considerations.

For example, in the event that it’s clear that a self-driving car was responsible for an accident, then who exactly who should be held responsible for the damages? The driver? The manufacturer? Or perhaps the developers of the self-driving technology itself?

Other interesting questions about self-driving cars

In addition to liability, there are some other important questions about this new technology that need to be considered, such as:

  • In the event of an unavoidable accident, who will a self-driving car choose to protect first: the driver, its passengers or other individuals?
  • How secure is the software being used to automate these vehicles? Would hackers to be able to compromise the symptom or gain control of a vehicle?

Laws in general tend to struggle to keep up when it comes to emerging technologies. When it comes to self-driving cars, thankfully, there’s still plenty of time to sort these types of considerations out. Truly automated automobiles are unlikely to be available to most consumers for many years to come.

While the future of self-driving car technology is fascinating to think about, it’s important to note that the switch to driverless cars isn’t going to happen overnight. Instead, the process is likely to be more gradual, as new forms of car safety technology are incorporated into the market.

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