As experienced Hillsborough County car accident attorneys we care about the residents of this community and how it can be made safer. The activist group, “All for Transportation,” analyzed accident data from May 1, 2017, through August 31, 2018, and determined the ten most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections

According to the study, the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County include:

  1. Sheldon Road/Waters Avenue: 107 accidents
  2. Anderson Road/Waters Avenue: 103 accidents
  3. Waters Avenue/Hanley Road: 98 accidents
  4. Hillsborough Avenue/Sheldon Road: 96 accidents
  5. 301/Gibsonton Drive: 95 accidents
  6. Waters Avenue/Himes Avenue: 89 accidents
  7. 301/Big Bend Road: 86 accidents
  8. Bruce B Downs/Fletcher Avenue: 84 accidents
  9. Bloomingdale Avenue/Bell Shoals Road: 82 accidents
  10. Bloomingdale Avenue/Providence Road: 81 accidents

The three most dangerous intersections in the county are clustered in a three-mile radius. This area is known as the Hillsborough Triangle. Between these three intersections, there is almost one accident per day along a three-mile stretch of Waters Avenue. The fifth most dangerous intersection (301 and Gibsonton Drive) is a leading cause of Riverside car accidents.

Contributing Factors and Solutions

The explosive growth in population in the area, along with poor roadway conditions may be contributing factors to the dangerousness of these intersections. More cars on the road mean more accidents and more distracted drivers. In addition, poor lighting on these roadways has been a significant factor in many car accidents. Better designed roadways and intersections could help to reduce the number of accidents significantly. In addition, an improved public transit system could lead to fewer cars on the road and less congestion.

“All for Transportation” believes that a 1% increase in the Hillsborough County sales tax could provide enough revenue to fund significant roadway improvements which would make these intersections safer. Voters last November agreed to this increase which would include allocations to fund road improvements and upgrade public transit. The particulars of how this money will be allocated are still undecided. Safer roads, expanded transit, and less congestion should be a priority.

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