Updated Pinellas County Road Accident Statistics

Numbers tell tales. What stories and patterns do Pinellas County crash statistics in the first few months of 2018 tell...

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car accidents in sarasota

Traffic Accidents Are on the Rise in Sarasota County

The good news is fatal traffic crashes are down in Sarasota County, Florida, compared to two and three years ago....

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car accident causes 2

An In Depth Look at the Causes of Car Accidents Part 2

Part two of our updated cause of car accidents deals with more of the causes that have been listed as...

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car accident causes

An In Depth Look at the Causes of Car Accidents Part 1

Our car accident attorneys regularly research the causes of car accidents as well as the latest, and somewhat unfortunate, statistics...

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personal injury claim myths

Four Dangerous Myths about Personal Injury Claims that You Shouldn’t Believe

Being involved in a serious accident is an extremely unsettling, stressful experience that can leave injury victims at a loss...

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car tire

Tire Safety

Whether you’re about to embark on an epic road trip or just do a weekly run to the grocery store,...

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Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Statistics

Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Stats – Updated

Hillsborough County has been the site of thousands of road accidents since the beginning of 2018. Understanding the statistics at...

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Emergency vehicle

Road Safety – Florida’s Move-Over Law

When traveling to or living in Florida, it’s imperative that you understand the “move-over” law, both for your safety and...

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Summer Accident Dangers – Be Safe on the Roads

While Florida is famous as a gorgeous vacation destination, it’s also famous for its hot and humid summers. Summer vacations...

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tire safety

Spring Break & Summer Vacation Road Safety Tips

Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Boasting gorgeous beaches, unique tourist attractions, and incredible...

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