Common Driver Mistakes that Lead to Car Accident Lawsuits

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. July 20, 2015

driver liabilityWe all do what we can to avoid bad car accidents. No one wants to be in a horrific – and possibly deadly – crash. However, sometimes even the best of intentions don’t yield the desired results.

Below are some of the more common mistakes made by drivers that lead to car accidents and tips on how you can avoid them.

Distracted driving

This is one you’ve probably heard a lot about in recent years, and for good reason. Distracted driving consistently ranks as one of the top reasons for car accidents in the United States. A distraction can be as simple as checking your makeup in the rearview mirror or attempting to eat a meal while driving. Remember, when you’re behind the wheel, your attention should be on the road and nowhere else!


Following behind another car too closely can easily result in a rear-end collision. A good rule of thumb is to leave one car length between you and the car in front of you for every ten miles of speed. Increase that amount in the event of inclement weather.

Failure to Yield

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to know when to yield to traffic and pedestrians. Be aware of all the circumstances in which others may have the right of way. For example, this may include pedestrians in crosswalks or cars to the right of you at a four-way intersection. If you do not have the right of way, never try to drive on because you “think you can make it.”

Backing Up

Backing up may seem straightforward, but it’s often more complicated than it appears. Don’t rely solely on your rear or side-view mirrors to tell you when it’s safe to put the car in reverse. There are blind spots you may not be aware of, which is why turning and looking over your shoulder out the back window is important when backing up.


It goes without saying that barring an emergency, whatever’s waiting for you at the end of your journey can wait. Obey speed limits and reduce your speed during inclement weather.

You need a car accident attorney who knows the facts

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