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10 of the Most Common Workplace Injuries

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September 11, 2013
September 11, 2013 | Personal Injury
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According to Hilda Solis, who is the Secretary of Labor, 12 individuals everyday go to work and never come home.

In addition, 3.3 million individuals suffer an injury at their workplace from which they never recover. These are preventable accidents that devastate families, disable workers and damage the economy. Therefore, understanding what the most common workplace injuries are is wise.

Top ten workplace incidents:

There are multiple ways a workplace injury can occur. Ten of the most common accidents are:

  1. Violent acts: These attacks are often started over arguments relating to office politics or other issues. These confrontations can lead to serious injuries.
  2. Repetitive motion injuries: This type of injury occurs when repetitive motions such as constantly using a computer or typing for hours at a time cause an injury. These repetitive motions can strain the tendons and muscles, create back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and vision issues.
  3. Machine Entanglement: This type of injury is common in factories where heavy machinery is being used. Fingers, shoes, hair and clothing can become entangled in machinery if no precautions are taken.
  4. Vehicle accidents: This type of accident often occurs when employees drive for business purposes.
  5. Collision injuries: This type of accident occurs when an individual accidentally runs into an object such as a chair, table, glass window, door or wall.
  6. Falling object injuries: This type of accident occurs when objects from shelves are dropped onto another person. Head injuries are most often the result of a falling object injury.
  7. Reaction injuries: This type of accident occurs when an individual slips or trips but does not fall. This type of incident can result in body trauma and muscle injuries in addition to other medical issues.
  8. Falling from heights injuries: This type of accident most often occurs when an individual falls from a stairway, ladder or roof. They can also be a result of faulty equipment.
  9. Tripping and slipping injuries: This type of accident often occurs when individuals fall on wet floors or trip over something in the workplace environment.
  10. Overexertion injuries: This type of injury is sustained by carrying, throwing, pushing, lifting or pulling objects. Moreover, this type of accident is the cause of most workplace injuries.

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