Sciatic nerve pain can develop over time as you age, or it can result from acute trauma, such as a car accident. For some sufferers, the pain is more like a dull ache and is relatively minor. However, others report an excruciating burning and stinging pain that affects their every move.

If you were injured in a Florida car accident that resulted in sciatic nerve pain, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Florida sciatica car accident settlements vary, which is why it’s essential to speak with an experienced Florida car accident lawyer who can help.

florida sciatica car accident settlements

Symptoms of Sciatica After a Florida Car Accident

Sciatica refers to the pain that radiates down your sciatic nerve, which starts in your lower back and travels through your hips and buttocks and down your legs. Most people report pain on one side of their body only, but it can affect both sides in rare cases.

The problem often comes from a herniated disc that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, but other injuries can result in sciatica pain.  

Sciatica after a car accident can develop right away, or it could take a few days. Symptoms will vary depending on your injury location and severity. Some potential symptoms include:

  • Tingling or burning in your leg, often made worse when sitting down;
  • Sharp pain when you stand up or try to walk;
  • Constant pain in one leg or side of the buttocks;
  • Numbness or weakness when moving the foot or leg; and
  • Difficulty bending the foot upward, known as “foot drop.”

Symptoms can come and go for some, while others report constant pain unless they are lying down or in another position that alleviates the pressure on the nerve.

Average Payout For Sciatica Car Accident Settlements in Florida

Understandably, many prospective clients want to know, can a car accident cause sciatica? Despite what the other driver’s insurance company will try to make you believe, car accidents can result in disc injuries that cause sciatic nerve pain.

That means if you develop sciatica after a car accident, compensation could be included in a sciatica car accident settlement amount. Every person’s injuries are different, and therefore they are evaluated on an individual basis. According to the recent sciatica car accident settlement examples listed on this page, the average payout for sciatica in Florida is anywhere from $500,000 to $1,330,000.   

Recent Back Injury and Sciatica Car Accident Settlements in Florida

Sciatica nerve pain can be a result from disc injuries caused by car accidents. The personal injury lawyers at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk are here to help clients who were injured in a Florida car accident that resulted in sciatic nerve pain. Sciatica nerve pain falls under the umbrella of back injury claims.

Here are some recent back injury and average sciatica car accident settlement payouts that Abrahamson & Uiterwyk secured for their clients throughout Florida.

$1,330,000 Settlement Amount for a Motorcycle Accident /Back and Fractured Pelvis Case in Pinellas County, FL
A 63-year old male sustained a fractured pelvis, a right knee injury and a back injury when the defendant turned directly in front of the client while the client was on a motorcycle. The client’s fractured pelvis required two surgeries. We obtained the limits of all available insurance in the case.

Example of a Motor Vehicle Accident / Neck and Back Injury Case In Pinellas County Resulting in a settlement amount of $500,000
Our client was a passenger in a vehicle when the defendant slammed into the rear of her stopped vehicle causing her to be pushed into the vehicle in front of her. Our client, 21 years old at the time, was taken to the ER, and then began treatment. An MRI scan revealed herniations in the neck and back, and she later underwent steroid injections and surgery.

$775,000 Settlement Amount For A Motor Vehicle Accident Case / Lumbar & Cervical Herniations, Lumbar & Cervical Injections

Our client was stopped getting ready to make a right-hand turn when a semi-truck stopped in the dedicated right-hand turn lane next to our client’s vehicle.   Our client and the truck driver began to make a right-hand turn onto South 50th Street.   The semi-truck cut the turn to close, and the trailer ran over the rear of our client’s SUV causing significant property damage.   The defendant semi-truck driver alleged our client veered into the truck driver’s lane.   Our client emphatically stated that the semi-truck driver cut the turn to close causing the accident.

Our client began to treat by orthopedic surgeons, shortly after the accident, for neck and lower back pain. An MRI of his lower back and neck was taken which revealed several herniated discs. Our client had numerous injections into his lower back and other conservative procedures which failed. His surgeon opined he needed lower back surgery. Our client agreed to undergo that procedure to alleviate his severe lower back pain that radiated down his legs. The lower back surgery was a success. We understand how complicated injury cases can be especially herniated disc injury settlements with steroid injections and surgery.

Our client had multiple neck injections and conservative procedures which ultimately helped alleviate some of his neck pain. He continued to suffer intermittent and occasional neck pain.

A demand was made to the defendant’s driver’s insurance company. The insurance company alleged our client was at fault for veering into the semi-tractor trailer driver’s lane. The insurance company merely offered 50,000 to settle the case.

A suit was filed. Our office took the deposition of an eyewitness to the accident which proved the semi -tractor-trailer driver was at fault and caused the accident. A lengthy deposition of the semi-tractor trailer driver was also taken which revealed significant credibility problems considering the eyewitnesses’ testimony.

The defendant’s insurance company offered $400,000 to settle the case at the mediation conference. That offer was rejected. After the case progressed through litigation the case finally settled for $775,000 several months after the mediation conference.

Example of A Rear End Motor Vehicle Accident / Sciatica Diagnosis Case Resulting In A Payout Amount Of $275,000

Our client was riding as a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended. The defendant was driving a commercial vehicle in the course, and scope of his employment. Our client was 46 years old with no prior neck injury. An MRI of her neck revealed multi-level cervical disc herniations. After failing conservative treatment, she underwent a recommended multi-level cervical fusion.

The insurance company merely offered $15,500 to settle the case prior to the mediation. The suit was filed and litigated. The defendant claimed that the client’s husband was partially at fault for causing the accident. Depositions of the client’s husband and the defendant were taken. The depositions clearly revealed that the defendant was solely at fault for causing the accident.

The defendant increased their offer to $275,000 at the mediation settlement conference. That offer was rejected, and the case proceeded forward to trial. The defendant took the deposition of our client’s neck surgeon prior to trial. Our office cross-examined the surgeon, who did an excellent job during the deposition explaining how the plaintiff’s injuries were related to the accident, were acute and not degenerative, and outlined future medical procedures she would require, with reasonable certainty, for the rest of her life expectancy.

After fighting zealously to establish the defendant was fully at fault for causing the accident and presenting a mountain of evidence to the insurance company that the defendant’s negligence led to our client’s need for neck surgery that would likely cause her to future medical expenses, the insurance company begrudgingly agreed to pay plaintiff’s demand of $350,000.

Factors That Impact The Average Payout For Sciatica After a Car Accident in Florida

Multiple things can affect your potential settlement or jury award. The factors that can impact your compensation most include:  

  • The severity of the accident;
  • What your injuries are;
  • The severity of your injuries;
  • The type and length of your treatments;
  • The amount of time you lost from work;
  • Your future medical needs;
  • Whether you now have a disability rating;
  • How much impact the accident had on your daily activities; and
  • Your physical pain and suffering.

Keep a pain journal and document how your injuries impacted your life. Be sure to share all the details with your lawyer.  

Will a Car Accident Lawyer Help Me Get A Better Payout For Sciatica That Is Ongoing in Florida?

Hiring a Tampa car accident law firm like Abrahamson & Uiterwyk can work to obtain more money in a sciatica car accident settlement. We have the experience necessary to fight for the compensation you deserve.

We’ve represented over 20,000 injury victims in Florida, earning a successful reputation for helping our clients recover over $300,000,000 to date.

How Abrahamson & Uiterwyk Can Help with Your Sciatica Car Accident Case

When you hire the Florida car accident attorneys at Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we will help with every aspect of your case.

We will conduct a thorough independent examination and gather all the evidence necessary to prove your case. You won’t need to worry about dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company either. We will handle all communications and negotiations with all responsible parties.

We will prepare your case for trial if it doesn’t resolve through negotiations. We have more than three decades of experience. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact Abrahamson & Uiterwyk today to schedule a consultation.

Get Your Sciatica Car Accident Questions Answered

Prospective clients often have questions before meeting with us. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get to help you prepare for your initial consultation.

Will I Receive Any Compensation If I’m Partially at Fault?

Florida is a modified comparative negligence state. This means that if you are found to be no more than 50% at fault for the accident, your recovery is reduced by the same proportion as your percentage of fault. As an example, if you are found to be 20% at fault in an accident, you may still recover 80% of your damages in a lawsuit. If, however, your percentage of fault is found to be more than 50%, you are barred from any recovery under the law.

How Soon After the Accident Should I Retain an Attorney in Florida?

The sooner you retain an attorney, the better it is for your case. We can immediately start working on gathering evidence and strengthening your liability argument. Early representation can also reduce the risk of you saying something to the insurance company that could jeopardize your case, such as an answer in a recorded statement.

How Much Does It Cost to Retain a Florida Sciatica Car Accident Settlement Attorney?

Most Florida car accident attorneys seek a resolution or settlement on a contingency basis. You aren’t responsible for any upfront fees or costs. Your attorney will take a percentage of your settlement or jury award to cover their expenses and costs. That means if you don’t recover any compensation, you won’t be responsible for paying any attorney’s fees or costs.

What Our Clients Say About Our Sciatica Car Accident Lawyers

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