Drunk Driving Injuries: Spring Break and Drunk Driving in Florida

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. March 31, 2014

drunk driving in floridaSpring break brings students from around the country to Florida in search of sun and fun.

The vast majority of them enjoy themselves responsibly and travel back to their campuses at the end of their break without causing any harm. Unfortunately, there are always some spring break revelers who get carried away and make the mistake of getting behind the wheel under the influence.

Spring Break Safety Tips

If you or someone you care about is planning on celebrating spring break in Florida, following the safety tips below can help ensure a safe and responsible celebration.

  • If you intend to drink, set a limit on how much you plan on consuming and stick to it.
  • Remember, buzzed driving is drunk driving. If you’ve been drinking, don’t get behind the wheel.
  • Use public transportation or a designated driver if you plan on drinking.
  • Make sure you and your party understands what will happen if you break state or local laws.

Florida Drunk Driving Statistics

  • According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, alcohol-related crashes were responsible for 12,016 drunk driving injuries and 697 drunk driving fatalities in Florida in 2012 alone.
  • There were 53,664 drunk driving arrests in Florida in 2012, resulting in 28,689 DUI
  • convictions.
  • Thankfully, drunk driving has been on the decline in Florida in recent years. According to the Century Council, there was a 33.8 percent reduction in drunk driving per 10K population.

Drunk Driving Injuries

According to MADD, 10,322 people were killed and 345,000 were injured in drunk driving accidents in the United States in 2012 alone. Someone is injured every 90 seconds due to drunk driving. About every 53 minutes, someone loses their life in a drunk driving accident.

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