Pedestrians Who Walk Under the Influence Also at Risk

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. January 18, 2013

While much media attention is given to the tragic effects of drinking and driving, doctors are now issuing warnings to individuals regarding drinking and walking. According to these doctors, pedestrians should be part of the conversation regarding being on public thoroughfares after imbibing. Doctors warn that a person’s mobility can be drastically affected after drinking. Walking after drinking may increase the risk of pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrians who have consumed alcohol are at risk due to a number of factors. Their mobility is affected, even if they only take a few steps on the road. A person’s judgment can also be impaired after he or she has consumed alcohol. Pedestrians are less likely to recognize any impending dangers and even if they do, their reflexes are slower and their coordination is adversely affected.

Pedestrians should be particularly careful because of their higher rate of risk for serious injuries. While car accident victims may be partially protected by the metal frame of a vehicle, pedestrians often lack any type of protection between them and motor vehicles.

Pedestrians should avoid walking in a public area after they have consumed alcohol. They can ask a friend for a ride home or call a taxi to avoid putting themselves in a dangerous position. Pedestrians can also walk in groups to increase visibility to motorists. Pedestrians should also walk on sidewalks, cross streets on designated crosswalks and avoid busy intersections.

Pedestrians who are walking when it is dark outside should wear bright, reflective clothing to increase visibility. Pedestrians should also be alert, so they should not be talking on a phone, texting or listening to music while they walk. Keeping distractions limited can help a person see any pending dangers before something terrible happens.

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