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Should I Hire a Pinellas County, FL Auto Accident Lawyer for a Minor or Major Accident?

Yes – for both. What seems like a minor accident, could become major after the adrenaline wears off and the full extent of damage is assessed by a mechanic and/or body shop.

According to the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle Dashboard statistics for 2022, there were 15,618 automobile crashes in Pinellas County. Of those accidents – 6,351 involved an injury of some sort, and 109 resulted in a death. Because an insurance company’s “job” is to not pay claims, they fight hard to ensure you’re given the bare minimum in an award or settlement. Fighting those insurance companies on your own is tricky.

We always recommend you hire an attorney who is experienced at fighting big insurance companies to help you with your case. It’s a common misconception that an accident victim’s insurance company is “on their side.” In fact, any insurance company is on their side. They don’t want to write you a check. That’s a fact.

Immediately after your accident, you may feel fine – adrenaline and delayed pain can start even a week or more after an accident. Don’t assume you won’t need to file a claim or that you don’t need an attorney after a car accident in Pinellas County.

Most of us drive or ride in some type of motor vehicle on a daily basis. Because of this, we often forget just how dangerous automobiles are and how serious car crashes can be.

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Common Causes of Pinellas County Car Accidents

Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents here in Pinellas County, Florida:

Rear-end collisions are some of the most common car accidents in Pinellas County which can be caused by following too closely, distracted driving, or speeding. Rear-end accidents can be especially difficult to deal with because the neck and back pain caused by whiplash may not be apparent right away, and symptoms could take days or weeks to develop. It is common for insurance companies and adjusters to claim whiplash is not real, or an injury is not present because symptoms and onset can vary from person to person.

This is why it’s so important to seek help from experienced Florida car accident lawyers following an accident. We can assist with record keeping, collection of evidence, negotiations with insurance adjusters and companies, and more.

Common Pinellas County, FL Car Accident Injuries

As a result of an accident, there are common injuries that we see frequently:

  • Head injuries – Ranging from mild concussions to serious traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Neck injuries – Often caused by whiplash from rear-end collisions
  • Spinal injuries – Including broken vertebrae and ruptured disks, as well as paralysis from a severed spinal column
  • Organ Damage – Crush injuries or impact injuries from rolling vehicles. This can have more serious long-term implications like damage to kidneys, lungs, and other organs
  • Broken bones and fractures – These are common and can include arms, fingers, legs, and ribs due to airbag injuries and steering column damage
  • Joint Injuries – Fingers, ankles, and knees are very vulnerable in car crashes
  • Facial Scarring – Can be caused by flying glass from broken windshields
  • Amputations – Due to damage from the accident itself, or damage to tissue and veins as a result of the accident
  • Eye Injuries – Can be caused by flying glass, airbag residue, and debris in auto accidents. This can range from temporary irritation to partial or full loss of vision
  • Muscle Injuries – May include torn or stretched muscles in the back, shoulders, and other parts of the body and can cause years of chronic pain
  • Nerve Damage – Might cause long-lasting pain that is difficult to treat
  • Permanent Hearing Loss – This affects about 17% of car occupants when airbags inflate due to pressure & noise injuries. Temporary hearing impact or ringing in the ears is more common and can resolve in time

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How Long Do You Have to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Florida?

Without question the sooner you obtain legal advice and legal representation, the more likely it is that you obtain proper compensation for your injuries. We make every effort to quickly file our clients’ injury claims and we immediately start the process of collecting evidence as soon as possible after the accident.

Fortunately, most cases are resolved without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. That being said, there are certain legal deadlines that apply. Notifying your car insurance company of the car accident details is something that needs to be done immediately after the accident. Delays in notifying your car insurance can result in the loss of your car insurance coverage. Also, there is a very brief deadline for obtaining medical care under the terms of your Personal Injury Protection policy (PIP/No Fault). If not complied with, then you likely lose the benefits of your car insurance policy.

Some deadlines relate to deadlines for the filing of a lawsuit and others pertain to other legal deadlines. The deadline for filing a lawsuit is referred to as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for a car accident in Pinellas County – and all of Florida – is generally two years. However, there are many exceptions. For example, if there’s an uninsured motorist policy (issued from a Florida uninsured motorist policy) that statute of limitation would typically be extended to five years. If there is car insurance policy is issued from a different state, then there would be different deadlines. Also, there are other deadlines some of which are very brief.

That being said – waiting too long can cause issues with your case, including lost records, incomplete record-keeping, or parties involved may move or die. Evidence may also be eliminated and witnesses’ recollections diminish over time.

We always recommend that injured victims contact us as soon as possible after an accident so we can help them maximize the rights to recovery.

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Finding a trustworthy attorney, near you, that has your best interests at the front of their mind cannot be easy. We’re honored by each and every one of our clients that we have helped over our decades of experience. Here are just a few reasons we think you should consider Abrahamson & Uiterwyk to handle your Pinellas County car accident case:

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