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A motorcycle accident can change your life in an instant. If you are suffering due to someone else’s careless mistake, you deserve to be fairly compensated. Our Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyers can help, and we are here for you 24/7.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers to Represent You

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we have been representing motorcycle accident victims and families in Florida for over 30 years. Here is what you can expect when you choose our team of highly experienced motorcycle accident lawyers for your case in Palm Harbor:

  • We Will Help You Get the Treatment You Need. Many motorcycle accident victims suffer severe, life-altering injuries. It is extremely important that you see the right doctors, and we can refer you to trusted specialists in and around Palm Harbor. Of course, your health should be your first priority, and you should not hesitate to call 911 for emergency treatment if necessary.
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  • We Will Fight to Maximize Your Financial Recovery. The costs of a motorcycle accident can be substantial. This includes not only the financial costs, but the non-financial costs as well such as time and quality of life. We have helped many of our clients recover hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in compensation, and we will use our experience to help maximize your financial recovery.
  • We Will Help You Make Smart Decisions. From seeing the right doctors to settling your case, you will need to make many informed decisions. Our Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyers will guide you every step of the way.
  • We Will Be Here for You When You Need Us. Whether you have questions or information to share, we will be here to help. Our lawyers and professional staff are passionate about serving our clients—and this shows in our testimonials and reviews.
  • We Will Not Collect Fees or Costs Unless We Win. You will not pay anything unless we help you recover just compensation for your motorcycle accident in Palm Harbor. If your case is successful, our legal fees will be calculated as a percentage of your award. This means you never have to worry about paying anything out of pocket for our services.

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What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Palm Harbor

Protecting your legal rights after a motorcycle accident is not easy. However, it is extremely important—especially if you suffered serious injuries in the crash. With this in mind, here are three steps you should take right away:

1. Get a Comprehensive Diagnosis

The most important thing you can do after a motorcycle accident is to see a doctor. Motorcycle accidents can cause a variety of injuries, and you need to make sure you receive a comprehensive diagnosis.

In many cases, riders won’t experience symptoms for days—or even weeks—after going down. By the time they do, their injuries have worsened. Not only can this reduce their chances of making a full recovery, but it can also make it more difficult to assert their legal rights.

2. Document Everything You Can

From the damage to your motorcycle to your diagnosis and treatment needs, you should make sure you have as much documentation as possible. Take lots of photos, keep your riding gear and all records you receive from your healthcare providers, and write down everything you can remember about the crash.

3. Get Free Advice From a Palm Harbor Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you need to recover financial compensation for a motorcycle accident, you do not want to try to handle your situation on your own. You need to rely on the advice and representation of an experienced professional, and this means that you should schedule a free initial consultation with a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident attorney right away.

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What Not to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Palm Harbor

When you have a motorcycle accident claim, mistakes can be costly. In fact, some mistakes can jeopardize your entire claim. To protect your claim for just compensation, here are three mistakes you need to avoid: 

1. Ignore Your Doctor’s Advice

Under no circumstances should you ignore your doctor’s advice. If you distrust your doctor’s advice, get a second opinion. Skipping appointments, failing to fill your prescriptions, and returning to work too soon are all mistakes that could jeopardize your health and your legal rights.

2. Share Information About the Accident

Don’t give your insurance company more information than necessary, and don’t post about your motorcycle accident online. Keep the details to yourself so that you don’t inadvertently say or post something the insurance companies can use against you.

3. Try to Deal With the Insurance Companies Alone

Recovering just compensation after a motorcycle accident is not easy. From proving the cause of the accident to proving how much you are entitled to recover, there are several complicated steps in the process. If you try to handle the process on your own, you will almost certainly end up with far less than you deserve. One thing you must remember, even your own insurance company may not be on your side. They are beholden to shareholders and their bottom lines more than they’re interested in taking care of you.

Common Issues That Lead to Motorcycle Accidents in Palm Harbor

From Palm Harbor Blvd. to U.S. 19 and everywhere in between, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence in and around Palm Harbor. Some of the most common issues that lead to these accidents include:

  • Failure to Look for Motorcycles. Despite the number of motorcycles in Palm Harbor, many drivers still fail to look for riders before merging, changing lanes, or turning. If a driver hit you because he or she didn’t see you, then there is a good chance that the driver is liable for your losses.
  • Distracted, Drunk, and Fatigued Driving. Being distracted, drunk, or tired can significantly impair a driver’s abilities behind the wheel. Unfortunately, these are all common issues, and many drivers make poor decisions that put riders at risk unnecessarily.
  • Careless, Reckless, and Aggressive Driving. From running stop signs and trying to “beat” yellow lights to speeding and tailgating in heavy traffic, drivers routinely make mistakes that put motorcycle riders in harm’s way. Regardless of the specific mistake that was made, if a driver caused your accident, you should speak with a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident attorney about your legal rights.
  • Issues with the Road and Other Vehicles. Potholes, sinkholes, debris from construction zones, inadequate signage, and other road-related issues can all cause and contribute to serious motorcycle accidents. Brake failures, tire failures, and other vehicle-related issues are common factors in motorcycle accidents as well.
  • Issues with Your Motorcycle. As a rider, you rely on your motorcycle to operate as it should. Whether your motorcycle had a defect or a shop performed a shoddy repair, issues with your motorcycle can also support claims for financial compensation.

In addition to issues with your motorcycle, issues with your riding gear can also lead to serious injuries in the event of a crash. If your helmet was not as protective as it was supposed to be, or if your boots, gloves, or jacket failed to provide adequate protection, our Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyers may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer.

Understanding the Differences Between Car Accidents and Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

There are some important differences between car accidents and motorcycle accidents in Florida. As a rider who has been injured in a crash, it will be important for you to understand how these differences will impact your claim. For example:

Florida’s “no-fault” Insurance Law Does Not Apply to Motorcycle Accidents

While Florida has a “no-fault” insurance law that entitles insured drivers to coverage regardless of fault, this law does not apply to motorcycle accidents. This means that you will need to be able to prove fault in order to recover any compensation for your accident (unless you have optionally chosen to purchase personal injury protection (PIP) coverage).

As we just discussed, there are many possible ways to prove fault in a motorcycle accident. However, this does not mean that proving fault is easy. It requires a prompt and thorough investigation, and this makes it especially important to contact a Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Insurance Companies Will Often Assume That Riders Are Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, many insurance companies have a bias against motorcycle riders. They assume that if a rider has been injured in an accident, the rider must be to blame. While this bias shouldn’t impact your insurance claim, there is a good chance that it will—and this is yet another reason why you will need an experienced lawyer on your side.

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FAQs – Recovering Just Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident in Palm Harbor

Yes, you can file a claim if you weren’t wearing a motorcycle helmet. But, be prepared for the insurance companies to use this against you if you have a concussion or other head injury. Even though Florida law does not require riders to wear helmets, failing to wear a helmet could potentially limit the amount you are able to recover.

Yes, you will need to report your accident to your motorcycle insurance company. You may also need to report the accident to the police. Our Palm Harbor motorcycle accident lawyers can handle this for you so that you avoid mistakes that could create problems down the line.

No, it costs nothing out of pocket to hire a lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim. While your lawyer will earn a contingency fee if your claim is successful, hiring an experienced lawyer will still give you the best chance to recover maximum compensation.

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