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Florida motorcycle accidents can wreak havoc on families, causing pain, suffering, and financial instability.

Many times, motorcycle accidents result from the negligent action of an automobile driver. Drivers who break traffic laws or don’t pay attention to motorcycles can cause tragic consequences.

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles statistics, in 2018, there were almost 10,000 motorcycle crashes on Florida highways. Those wrecks caused more than 500 motorcyclist fatalities.

Comparing these statistics to Florida’s 400,000 motor vehicle crashes a year that cause 3,000 deaths, we see that the motorcycle fatality rate is much higher. Sadly, a biker is about seven times more likely than a vehicle driver to die in a crash.

If you or a loved one has experienced a Florida motorcycle accident, you know the reality of these statistics.

Your family has experienced the aftermath of a motorcycle accident with its physical, emotional, and financial costs. To seek justice for what you have lost, you need a Spring Hill motorcycle accident attorney.

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Why Contact Abrahamson & Uiterwyk?

At Abrahamson & Uiterwyk, we help motorcycle accident victims pursue the compensation they deserve. We can’t take away the pain the accident caused you, but we can work to make your life easier through accident compensation.

Here are some things you should know about our firm:

  • We’ve helped over 20,000 personal injury victims during our three decades of practice;
  • We have received more than $800 million for accident victims;
  • We don’t charge clients fees or costs unless we win; and
  • Clients have offered us thousands of positive reviews.

Though we have the resources of a big law firm, we like to personally connect with each client. We treat each of our clients as if they were our only one, and we don’t feel successful until we’ve achieved justice for each accident victim.

We’re both proud and humbled to have received great feedback from past clients. Knowing we’ve made a difference in so many lives motivates us to keep working passionately to help others.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Florida drivers have a duty to obey traffic laws and look out for others who share the road. However, drivers sometimes neglect to safely operate their vehicles, causing a collision with a motorcyclist.

Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents on Florida roadways:

  • Unsafe lane changes,
  • Left turns,
  • Sudden stops,
  • Speeding,
  • Running a traffic stop,
  • Car doors opening,
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and
  • Hazardous weather conditions.

If an auto driver failed to show you the roadway courtesy you deserved and causes an accident, you may be able to file a claim. Our Spring Hill motorcycle accident attorneys can help you evaluate your wreck to determine who should pay for your harm.

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Common Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycles offer less protection than cars, motorcyclists are more likely to sustain serious injuries in accidents. The steel frame and airbags of a motor vehicle can lessen a driver’s harm, but motorcyclists are vulnerable in an accident.

Several common injuries may be sustained in motorcycle accidents:

  • Lacerations and bruises,
  • Broken bones,
  • Muscle strains and tears,
  • Brain damage,
  • Neck injuries,
  • Internal organ damage, and
  • Spinal cord injuries causing paralysis.

While these injuries can be life-altering, many motorcyclists are killed in crashes. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle crash, you can file a claim for the harm the death caused your family.

Damages You May Be Able to Collect After a Crash

After a motorcycle crash, you may experience many expenses, like medical bills and property repairs. You might not be able to work, causing you to fall behind on bills.

A motorcycle accident lawsuit can help you with these expenses. A lawsuit can also compensate you for the emotional harm you suffered from the accident.

Personal injury lawsuits in Florida allow two primary categories of damages:

  • Economic damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and property repairs; and
  • Noneconomic damages include emotional harm, like pain and suffering.

When you meet with our Spring Hill motorcycle accident attorneys for a free consultation, bring any receipts or paystubs you have to support your economic damages claim.

Our investigators can help you gather any missing information. Then, our attorneys will help you put a fair value on your emotional damages. We’ll total all damages and present the insurance company with a demand for maximum compensation.

Documenting the Accident

After your accident, you should gather as much evidence as you can. This evidence will help support your claim, allowing you to get more money.

If you are able, do these things at the scene of the accident:

  • Get the license and insurance number of the other driver;
  • Photograph the damage to your bike and the other vehicle;
  • Photograph the scene of the accident, including the surrounding location; and
  • Write down witnesses’ names and contact information.

If you are injured and unable to gather these things, don’t worry. You should always get medical treatment when needed.

You can ask a trusted friend or family member to secure accident evidence for you. Alternatively, you can contact our law firm, and we’ll help you obtain the needed information.

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Why Hiring a Spring Hill Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to focus on your recovery, not deal with insurance company hassles. In fact, by handing over the negotiating to a Spring Hill motorcycle accident attorney, you have a good chance of earning significantly more money.

That’s because insurance companies will try to intimidate you into accepting a low settlement, but our Spring Hill motorcycle accident lawyers know not to take a meager offer.

We will pressure the insurance company to give you the money you deserve, and we won’t back down until you’re satisfied.

Hiring our Spring Hill motorcycle accident attorneys gives you access to resources like professional investigators and attorneys with extensive knowledge of Florida personal injury law. We know the local roadways and the local courts, and we put our experience to work for you.

With regular communication and a responsive legal team, we keep you informed. We also want to help lower your stress level by taking burdensome paperwork and negotiations off your plate.

We hope that by advocating for you, we give you the time and resources needed to recuperate from your accident.

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