5 Top Causes of Truck Accidents

causes of truck accidentsThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released a groundbreaking report in 2007 which outlined the most common causes of large commercial truck accidents. The study is entitled “The Large Truck Causation Study.

What accidents were used in the study?

Researches studied nationwide records of 967 commercial track crashes to tabulate their findings. In each accident studied, there was a least one truck involved.

The study included information about accidents pertaining to 1,127 large trucks and 959 other types of motor vehicles. As a result of these accidents, there were 251 deaths and 1,408 injuries noted.

Study Findings

The following represents the study’s findings and reveals the most common causes of large truck accidents from least to greatest:

  • Around 14 percent of all accidents were caused by the driver failing to properly check their blind spots before making a turn or other maneuver. This was also sometimes attributed to a driver’s lack of adhering to their training.
  • The use of over the counter medications contributed to 18 percent of the crashes noted in the study.
  • In 22 percent of the accidents listed, drivers crashed due to being unfamiliar with the area in which they were traveling. This is a common aspect of commercial truck driving as many drivers are often called to drive to remote locations outside of them normal travel routes.
  • Speeding was a contributing factor in 23 percent of the accidents listed in the study. Because many truckers have deadlines to meet, this statistic is not surprising. However, when a vehicle as large as an 80,000 pound truck slams into another vehicle while speeding, the impact is often deadly.
  • The most common cause of large truck crashes was not driver fatigue as many would assume as it accounted for only 13 percent. Instead, in 29 percent of the accidents, brake problems were identified as the main cause of the accident.

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