Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle or a scooter is fun, but it can also be dangerous if you are not cautious. They are the most convenient means of transportation that can maneuver quickly through traffic. However, many accidents occur each year involving motorcycles, resulting in severe injuries and even death. Read on to know the different causes of motorcycle accidents.

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Driving Under the Influence of Substances

Riding a motorcycle while drunk could result in an accident. Even when the signs of being drunk are not visible, it is still dangerous. Alcohol causes slowing down of breath and affects cognitive skills, reducing your riding ability. You cannot respond fast to situations, increasing the likelihood of an accident. The eyes, feet, and hands make up motor skills and the lack of coordination means you cannot concentrate on speed, traffic signs and other vehicles on the road. Your judgment is vital in being aware of your surrounding and foreseeing potential problems.


It might be tempting to drive fast, but the dangers outweigh the benefits. Majority of fatal motorcycling accidents are a result of speeding. It decreases the amount of time the driver has to avoid a collision. In case of a crash, the impact will be severe compared to someone who adheres to the recommended speed limit. Speeding is dangerous; you put the lives of other drivers at risk. In addition, when a rider takes a sharp corner at high speed, the driver may lose control of the motorcycle and crash.

Motorcycle Accident CausesMotorcycle Defects

There are times when motorcycles are found to have defective parts such as the engine, frame, fuel tank, brakes, handlebars, and tires. Majority of motorcyclists know how to observe warning signs. However, the defective parts can contribute to a crash that might otherwise not occur. These defects might be detected when the motorcycle wobbles when driven fast and brake failure occurs while riding a recently purchased bike. It has also been observed that some bikes have dangerous designs that can result in damages and injuries.

Car Doors

Car drivers at times do not notice motorcyclist riding behind them or ones trying to overtake their lane of traffic. Once a motorcyclist stops and the passenger or driver of a car opens the door, it can result in an accident. Drivers who park their cars illegally on the road or in a parking lot are always in a rush to get out of the vehicle and may fail to notice an oncoming motorcycle before they open the door. Motorcyclists are also known to ride too close to cars parked on the roadside when they are making a right turn. In some instances, the driver or passenger of a parked car may open their door suddenly causing the motorcyclist to hit the car door resulting in an accident.

Poorly Maintained Roads

Riders are not usually aware of any potential dangers of road conditions. Obstacles such as rocks, potholes, sharp turns, standing water and animals on the road can cause accidents. These barriers get realized at a fraction of a second making the majority of them unavoidable. They may result in instant braking, which can make the motorcyclist lose control resulting in injuries and damages to the bike.

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