Know the Different Types of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents come in all shapes and sizes. The varieties of accidents are as numerous as the causes.

Motorcyclists face the unique challenge of being almost invisible to many motorists, and the statistics show a much higher percentage of accidents among motorcycle riders than car drivers.

Motorcycle accidents can be broken down into two primary categories: single vehicle accidents and multiple vehicle accidents. When a motorcyclist has an accident without the involvement of another motorist, the cause is typically rider error. When multiple vehicles are involved, however, the error most often falls on the side of the driver rather than the motorcyclist.

Single Motorcycle Accidents

Single motorcycle wrecks, or crashes involving only the cyclist, account for 25% of total accidents. There is a diverse variety of accidents a single motorcyclist can end up in. A few of the most common are as follows.

  • Slideouts on road curves
  • Slipping on wet, worn, or otherwise slippery surfaces
  • Crashing after hitting rough patches in the road
  • Losing control after evading an obstacle at high speed
  • Hitting unaware pedestrians
  • Railroad crossings

The two most consistent factors influencing single vehicle accidents are high speed and alcohol consumption. These two factors significantly impair the rider’s focus, reflex, and ability to navigate irregularities on the road.

Multiple Vehicle Accidents

75% of all motorcycle accidents involve a motorcyclist and another motorist. The majority of these collisions are legally the fault of the driver rather than the motorcyclist. There are several different accidents that tend to result from such encounters.

  • Intersection crashes of various types are the most common
  • Lane change collisions where the driver cuts of the motorcyclist
  • Drivers running into braking motorcyclists from behind
  • Speeding motorcyclists running into braking vehicles
  • Lane-splitting accidents

The primary factor involved in most multiple vehicle accidents is the motorist’s failure to spot and recognize the motorcyclist on the road. Motorcyclists should take preventative measures to increase their visibility and protect themselves in the event of an accident.

After An Accident

The first step after an accident is to immediately seek medical attention. After your health has been taken care of, call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you navigate your case.

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