Tampa Motorcycle Accident Leads to Fatality

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. March 22, 2012

Motorcyclist Alan Delong, age sixty-two years old, was killed in a Tampa motorcycle accident Saturday afternoon on February 25th, after colliding with another vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrolmen have officially stated that the Tampa-based vehicle accident occurred on N. Nebraska Avenue when fifty year old Edward Peter Figueroa made an improper U-turn into Delong’s lane of oncoming traffic. Delong’s 2009 Harley Davidson struck Figueroa’s ’04 Honda Accord. Police reports place the accident at about 2:45 PM. Delong died ,later that day of his injuries at St. Joseph’s Hospital despite the best efforts of doctors and staff.

No other injuries or victims were reported from the weekend collision.

Edward Peter Figueroa, the Honda driver, has been cited by the police for his responsibility in causing the Saturday tragedy. For performing an improper U-turn, Figueroa has been ordered to pay a fine and attend up to 120 hours of community service. Florida Troopers acknowledge that this is a noncriminal infraction he is being charged with. Whether he will be charged any further is unclear at this time.

No word whether or not the victim’s family is seeking the counsel of a Tampa personal injury lawyer to retaliate in the wake of Delong’s passing.