Driver Arrested After Fleeing Two Accidents and Causing a Third in Pinellas Park

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Erik Abrahamson, J.D. October 22, 2019

Pinellas Park, FL (10/19/2019) – Police arrested Katlynn M. Smith after she caused two minor accidents and fled the scene after she was involved in a third accident that ended in a fatality. 

She faces charges of vehicular homicide after causing those three accidents. According to police, Kanh Kim Nguyen, 53, died after Katlynn M. Smith crashed into the driver’s side door of his 2011 Lexus. The crash occurred Saturday around 10 am near Pinellas Park Middle School.

Police said Smith caused another accident about ten minutes earlier near the intersection of Starkey Road and Brian Dairy Road. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Smith, driving a Toyota Camry, attempted to pass a Honda Accord in her path. As she tried to pass the vehicle, she collided with the right side of the Honda. 

Smith left the scene of that crash, as did the driver of the Accord. The driver of the Honda Accord, 45-year-old Adam Frame, called the police while tailing Smith’s vehicle. He reported on her reckless driving. Frame then told police that Smith hit another car after running a red light. She fled that scene as well after causing minor damage.  Smith then kept driving through the intersection against the traffic light. 

She ran another light and collided with Nguyen, killing him. Smith is currently in the hospital with serious injuries. She remains under custody while she recovers from her injuries.

Our hearts go out to all of those impacted by this tragedy. Car accidents like this one occur far too often in Florida. It’s essential that fatal car accidents be thoroughly investigated so that the cause of the collision can be understood, and the responsible party can be identified and, if warranted, held accountable.

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Source: Tampa Bay Times